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Originally Posted by dyfan
Hi, I wonder if I could ask you for a little advice? I've been a Womble user like yourself for years (4, I think). 6 months ago, I upgraded from the older mpeg vcr to the mpeg video wizard DVD. I was unaware of the cr*ppy look you get when you re-encode something utilizing (their) effects. I like Womble, but...after going back/forth with their tech support (Kathy) a few times- not getting usable answers/results, I left a reply to a thread on a Womble forum, where someone ELSE was complaining about their Womble encoder. You should see the dressing down that I then got from Kathy!!!

What I wonder now is...Can you think of a similar program that has features like that of the Womble editing and authoring program(s)? A lot of what I do with video is to try and "fix" messed-up TV show and movie files obtained from others. There are times when the use of a filter or multiple filters is necessary...but I can't work when I get re-encoded files with undesirable NOISE present!!

Aside from using the video wizard (DVD) program, I then open completed projects in DVD Shrink, create an .iso file, then open that with my installed burning engine (Cyberlink).

Without having the resources to invest in a couple of multi-hundred dollar tools, I am limited to freeware and programs in the +/- $100.00 range.
I've been reading this site periodically for almost as long as I've been editing (about 5 years- a friend directed me here). I should throw you a donation, then?

Thank you in advance for your time and attention, I appreciate it!
I'm impressed by Womble's products, but their response to media and customers sucks, from my experience and observations. (There's no nicer way to say that, "sucks" is pretty accurate.) In fact, I contacted them a month ago about new-version demos, affiliate programs, guides/tutorial offers, press info -- no reply.

Womble is a wonderful MPEG editor, but worse than decade-old freeware for video encode quality. It's all blocky, worse than a VCD. It's audio re-encoding is fine, however, for MPEG Layer II.

The honest answer is to skip Womble here. Load the MPEG into VirtualDub, using it as editor and filtering. At that point either save to an uncompressed or low-compression AVI (HuffYUV, for example), or directly frameserve to your favorite MPEG encoder.

If budget is limited, then TMPGEnc Plus MPEG Encoder is only $37, and it is still an excellent piece of software! (Use our affiliate link if you buy it, it helps support this site.)

You can frameserve from VirtualDub right into TMPGEnc, after the the AVISynth library is installed on your system (I've attached the EXE installer to this post, archived in a RAR file, for your convenience.)

If this were my project, I'd be using MainConcept Reference (very expensive software), but some years ago, before MainConcept existed, I used TMPGEnc Plus too!

There's more to it than this, if you need or want step-by-step instructions, let me know. (Note: Premium Membership required to ask questions in the DVD Projects forum, due to the time it takes to craft individual answers).

Funds of any kind are a big help in keeping this site online, updated and growing -- whether joining the forum as a Premium Member, sending a donation, and/or using our affiliate links to buy products from your already-favorite stores (Amazon, Meritline, Supermediastore, BestBuy, Walmart, etc -- huge list). I personally thank you for whatever options you are able to do for this site.

It's good to hear from our readers that have been with us for many years now. I guess it means we're doing something right, to keep folks like you returning over and over again. Thanks for the contact.


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Almost ALL the video files I work with are either .vro or .vob (w/.ac3). Does any version of VirtualDub support these formats?
Can a video file be sped up or slowed down (either fractionally or by percentage) in TMPGEnc?
Not sure what a product you've referenced (and abbreviated?) is:
Happy to continue using Womble Mpeg Wizard DVD to author (it's paid for; I bit...)- but the March, 2009 version installed (at the company's recommendation) crashes even better than a BIG house of cards!
May I ask your advice? Thank you!
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05-05-2009, 08:27 AM
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VRO and VOB files are nothing more than DVD-VR or DVD-Video authored MPEG-2 files. VirtualDub by itself does not support MPEG-2, but the modified versions will.

Attached to this post is VirtualDub 1.8, including a number of filters pre-installed. The RAR files needs to be extracted into either C:\Program Files\VirtualDub for 32-bit XP/Vista installs, or C:\Program Files (x86)\VirtualDub for 64-bit XP/Vista installs. This version will open MPEG-2 files just fine.

Do not try to copy VOB files off a DVD, and open them one by one, or attempt to stitch them together -- that's really not the best way, as it can lead to errors. Follow the guide on digitalFAQ.com, for extracting your MPEG assets off the disc. It will give you a single VOB. This assumes homemade DVDs, not something bought in the store (or a copy of a retail disc -- that's not "homemade" either). Guide at http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/vid...d-recorder.htm -- and you mostly care about the decompiling part of the guide, not the editing/authoring notes below it.

  • TDA = TMPGEnc DVD Author, the name of Pegasys Inc's authoring software for versions 1-3
  • TAW = TMPGEnc Authoring Works, the new name as of version 4
Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD -- kind of a silly name, confusing with the non-DVD version -- should be fine for the authoring portion of your project, if you're not wanting to buy anything else. It should suffice.

Slowing down video is not the easiest of processes, especially when you have interlaced sources, as your DVDs will be. It is honestly not something I would try outside of a professional non-linear editor (NLE) such as Vegas or Premiere.

I just now did a quick Google check on the topic of slow motion, and most of what I see is using AVISynth scripting -- something I find to be a nuisance more than anything else. I left DOS a decade ago, and have no desire to type out my instructions to a computer line by line any more than is absolutely necessary. It's bad enough I still have to do it for web pages and web applications. Worse than that, AVISynth has crappy instructions that are more or less piecemeal and spread out all over cyberspace. That's probably not what you were looking for.

It may be possible to create slow-motion video in VirtualDub by altering the framerate settings, but I've honestly never tried. I'll look into it if you're really wanting to use it for this process.

Ask whatever question you have, I'll answer as best I can, as quickly as I can.

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