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I have been successfully capturing old tapes using the Panasonic EH50 (PAL) as the lineTBC passthrough.

However, I have a few poor signal recordings where I think lineTBC is doing more harm than good. I say this because when playing straight from the VCR the image is far more stable.

However, I was wondering if there are avisynth filters that can restore such issues, line frames "jumping around", image "wobbling" and such.

I have the link for the video sample:

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That's an awful large file for a mere preview. It doesn't need to be that big to show errors.

The ES10/15 type Panasonic DVDs recorders are not TBCs, and have quality-reducing side effects. I want about this all the time. TBCs should have good transparency, not actually make the image worse. The ES10/15 type recorders should only be used in situations that result in net gains. That's not going to be all tapes. There is a reason that actual TBCs are suggested, not the quasi sorta-kinda TBC(ish) items. When you go the quasi methods, this is what happens.

In general, no, Avisynth is not a cure-all to unring bells. Avisynth should only be used to correct what hardware cannot, not to fix bad or ineffective hardware. Good captures are always required.

I'd look at the sample, but I'm not a video system right now, just tablet on WiFi.

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