01-24-2023, 11:42 AM
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Hello everyone,

I could get a hand on a TBC for a reasonable price (under 1000$ CAD) but I can't seem to find any review or opinions on this unit Roland TBC-802 TimeBase Corrector.

Anyone here have used it? Is it a good choice over the Datavideo?

Thank you!
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01-24-2023, 03:03 PM
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Not all pizza box size TBC's are suitable for consumer video tapes, There are very few exceptions but I'm not sure what those models are, If you think it's worth the gamble, try it and let us know.

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01-24-2023, 07:34 PM
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There's a reason those units are cheap -- they're mostly worthless, lots of problems, often irreparable. That thing isn't even worth $100 CAD (or USD), and it won't work well (or at all) with consumer sources like VHS.

What you found here is a typical rackmout ("pizze box") unit, not made for home users with home sources (VHS, etc). There are quite a few models, all bad. The closest you'll come is the I.Den IVT-7, but it will be trashed like all the others at this late date.

I understand what you're trying to do here. Like everybody else, you're trying to find a bargain on a TBC. But those are unicorns, mythical creatures that don't really exist. Nobody has ever liked buying TBCs, aka those boring boxes that allow conversion. But nobody likes buying lawnmowers, toasters, washing machines, etc, either. These are just tools for tasks. Thankfully, unlike mower/toasters/etc, TBCs hold value. Buy it, use it, resell it. But it has to be a quality unit for resale, not junk. That will be far quicker and easier than trying (and failing) at using sorta-kinda (not really) "TBCs".

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