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Just finished all of my VHS tapes and now on to the Hi8. I have a DCR-TRV340 camera which is Digital8 with Video8/Hi8 playback and s-video according to this list.

I am planning on running s-video from the camera straight to my KONA LHI RO capturing through AJA control room.

1. Does this camera have TBC built in?
2. Any benefits to running the camera through my AG1980p or ES10 first?

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11-26-2023, 02:29 PM
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The DCR-TRV340 will have the typical Sony line TBC. All of the recommended D8 camcorders do even though the heading for their list does not specifically state it.

As I understand it, none of the digital processing benefits of the AG1980p can be applied in a pass thru mode so it won’t be useful for your Hi8 workflow. You can certainly try it to confirm this. The ES10 should be useful in pretty much the same way that you have used it for VHS, i.e. if the camcorder line TBC isn’t correcting tearing and squiggly verticals, the ES10 might do it better. Whether it will provide any “frame” TBC benefits seems to be the subject of controversy. If you have frame drops and audio synch problems, it will be worth trying since you have it.

Hope this helps.

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ag1980p, dcr-trv340, es10, hi8, tbc

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