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I got this ridiculous email last month:

Hi there,

My name is Jen and I hope this email finds you well. In my capacity as a freelance writer, I checked out your site and am wondering if you would be interested in some fresh content for [redacted]. If you are, I would be more than happy to help you.

Let me introduce myself a little. With a background in art and creative writing, I have branched out into a number of areas. Many of these are related to the arts, but also how art affects other aspects of life from health to happiness. I am more than happy to write everything from reviews and general overview articles to any more specific themes you have in mind. You can find a few examples of my work at the bottom of this email. Please take a look at these if you have the time, so you can see the style of my work. All content produced for your site will be 100% unique and tailored to your site only.

These articles will be written for [redacted] at no cost if I am able to place a mention to a partner of mine within the text. Each link will always be subtle and related as directly to the topic as possible. Once approved, it is up to you how you use the content on your website. In exchange, I promise not to submit the content elsewhere once you have approved its use.

If my offer is acceptable to you, I will be pleased to discuss the idea further with you by email. I am open to ideas on topics and content, which can be as general or as detailed as you desire. My main focus is ensuring all content is focused on your audience and your own needs. This is true for tvpast.org and for any other site you may need some content for. On the other hand, if you do not find my offer acceptable, I will not contact you further, but will give you my best wishes for the future.

Best Regards,

A few, mostly ghostwritten, samples for your consideration:

ps. This is a one-time deal only and your details will never be used by me again, sold or placed on a database.
I want to make 5 points...

1. Freelance writers NEVER refer to their articles as "content". In terms of "article = content", the term "content" basically means any old sh*t writing. No style, no quality, no grammar ... nothing. An online-only freelance "writer" these days is NOT an educated literary talent, nor a journalist.

2. This is link spam. Nothing more. The links in the "article" are the whole reason this thing is being written. You can expect it to be awkward worded, and is mostly like "spun" using a cheap program. Which leads into the next point...

3. The "I promise" part is hilarious. These are spammers. They have no scruples. It's very likely that the article will be either a direct copy/paste, a "spun" piece (that Google/Bing will still snare as crap), or worse ... plagiarized (stolen!) from another site.

4. The example are all schlock. That's some of the most robotic, awkward gibberish I've ever read.

5. I like how it closes out as being a one-time "deal" as if I'd be a fool to pass it up. What this person doesn't understand is that this is spam, even if it was only sent once. I never asked for it to begin with. It's not "cold calling" or other terms spammers ("marketers') try to use. IT'S SPAM!

Don't fall victim to this junk. Do like I did -- delete it.

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