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11-19-2013, 09:53 PM
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I've been researching hosting companies for over 2 weeks. Once I think "I've got it!" I find out something horrible about the company. I've been told to leave HostGator since they've been bought out and are becoming lousy. I never had a problem with them.

I found a company called Komodosites and they seem perfect, except they've only been around since September. I have a few WP sites, only have about 6.4 MB, need help migrating from cPanel to cPanel, would like SSD, and will consider a reseller account for security, although I've never been hacked (yet). I just don't want to go through this process again too soon.

Your recommendations really do help, but I'm still paralyzed with fear. Can you direct me? Thanks so much for your kind assistance.

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11-19-2013, 10:03 PM
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I would not use Komodosites at all. Most new hosts fail within a 2 years, and most of those bite the dust in 1 year. Being so new, we're not yet sure if this is a real company, or some kiddie or amateur "playing host". New hosts are fine to test with test sites, but never anything serious. I looked at this one earlier today, after I saw a post on it at WHT.

If I were you, I'd pick one of these two: Arvixe or Stablehost.

If less than 10 sites, Stablehost for $10. You can always upgrade if/when you have more sites.
If more than 10 sites, Arvixe for $20. It allows unlimited sites.

There's lots of really good reseller hosts, and sometimes I feel bad about suggesting one over the other (I know a lot of host owners and execs), but given your needs (no billing panel needed, for example), that's what I'd do. Those are my choice for this request.

SSD does not make a difference for you. You severely limit which hosts you can use with that requirement. And many of the ones offering SSD do so only as a marketing ploy. SSD drives can be crappy, and many SSDs used by budget hosts are desektop-grade junk. Servers should have RAID-10 server grad drives.

Hostgator is a terrible host, yes, absolutely. Get away from them while you can! Read our three part editorial on the subject.

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